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16 September 2009 @ 08:13 pm
Who loves Yoo Ah-in more than me? No one! I think he's the single hottest guy in korea. Why? 'Cos he is. So sad that he doesn't appear much. But at least he's doing a lot more shows now. It's still really hard to find nice pictures of him though. It's so sad to keep print-screening just to get a few shots of him.

Anw, I'm in the middle of prelims right now. Everything's a total mess, I gotta admit. And I have this sad, unsettling feeling that I might flunk just about everything, eventhough I truly have been studying. I know people say that if I studied properly then I won't have any real reason to be worried. And that the fact that I'm worried just shows that in fact, I have YET to truly study. But then those people don't really understand how things go down in JC.

Nothing is for certain.

You may THINK you did okay for this paper but then omg, next thing you know, single-digit failure. Then you may THINK you did horrible and then holy crap, out of the blue it's better than you expected. You joust dunno how things will go. But I know I'll fail my math for sure. It was a horrible paper. And I thought I could actually do smth this time since i practiced quite a bit but, hohoho. Doesn't look like it. The paper was killer.

And for some reason I completely forgot that I had to do two case studies in Econs. I got a shock during the paper. It completely slipped my mind that I had to do two. So, I didn't really managed my time well. Plus the case studies were kind of hard. At least, I thought so...

I'm really scared now.

My mum is being super nice to me these few days, making me whatever I want to eat and like totally expecting me to do well and do her proud. Everyone else is so sure I would make it to a university.

See, the thing is... What if I don't?

What if I screw everything up, like I may have done this time with the prelims. Then what? There's no back up plan. All that's left would be to buy a bottle of sleeping pills and swallow every single one of them. Am I right?

I'm just a youtube addict now, trying to watch my worries away. I particularly like Phil D. who is super funny and informative at the same time. He talks about his comments about current events. It beats reading the newspaper so, hell yeah. Recently, Joe Wilson called Obama a liar (which is NOT TRUE. I think Joe Wilson is a loser) and Obama called Kanye West a jackass (which is TRUE. I think Kanye is a loser) for snatching the mike away from Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech.

You guys should watch this. Tres funny!

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01 February 2009 @ 05:04 pm
When life gets you down, variety shows are a sure fire way to lift up the mood. After watching Happy Sunday, this episode especially, I was left in tears 'cos I laughed so freakin' hard. It was super hilarious, pls! I managed to find it on youtube and I thought I should share it with y'all.

Since the video's pretty long and there are no english subs. I recommend you go straight to 3:46. That's when the dance battle starts and that's when you should prepare yourself for the weirdest dancing ever. Basically, the variety show is about idols listing their top 5 songs in their career and teaching the hosts their secrets to success. The guest in this episode was Rain (비) and he is teaching the other guests/hosts (who are mostly comedians and rookie singers) his moves. And then the dance battle commences and holy shit, lah. They are so retarded.

Btw, Bi is pretty awesome here. Love his new look and hair.

Variety shows are the best, mann. I prefer those to the normal k dramas now. They never fail to make me smile. =)
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31 January 2009 @ 08:56 pm
Is it really only the FIRST month of 2009?

Honestly, it feels like June already. I'm pretty sure this site will not be spectacular seeing as this year is gonna be hell for me. JC2 is horrible. It's a wonder how people do this. I was about to stab myself when I found out that I had a project due on Monday.

School is the worst.

I wanna eat at Su. The food there's awesome. I'm a sucker for korean food. God. but everyone's so busy.
(Sharleen, you better get off your butt and go out with me. Totally went MIA for practically a year)

I don't really have much to say seeing as this is my first entry. I'll probably write more when something actually happens in my life. Before I log off though, just thought I should say...

Khalil Fong (方大同) is seriously one of the best chinese singers ever. I just got hold of his latest album 'Orange Moon' and I love all the songs in it. His music is not what you call the usual chinese pop you're usually exposed to. It's more like a cross between blues, jazz and pop?? Don't really know how to explain it besides 'totally awesome'.

Okay, not exactly the most handsome chinese singer around. Not exactly as hyped as those Fahrenheit dudes and Jay Chou. But maybe that's 'cos he;s a HK singer rather than taiwanese? Dunno. The point is his music is really good. It's the type of music that is really easy to listen to and is the PERFECT genre to listen to as you're looking out the window on the bus or remeniscing. Damn nostaligic. Super dreamy. Go check him out..

Okay, I'm done.

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